If you had a land wouldn’t you want it to be in production rather than being a cost?
We have got use to look at our gardens as something to show and pay for. We pay taxes over them, we pay to water them, we pay for their maintenance and all that is paid back only with some asthetics around our house.
But a piece of land is much more that a beautiful spot, it is life, it is the habitat for wild life, it is an area where you can harvest water, where you can grow food and where you can harvest sunshine and produce your own energy. Why shouldn’t we take advantage of all what Mother Nature gives us for free?

Redisign your green spaces, harvest all you can, change de landscaping for foodscaping, waterscaping, solarscaping, windscaping.
A veg garden and an orchard can be much more beautiful than any grass garden. They will need water, the water you can harvest from the rain which runs down your roof and can be stored and kept in ponds that will not only water your brand new working garden, but also attract life to help your veg garden and your orchard growing. And maybe if you need to automatize the watering or to heat up a little bit your greenhouse or your orchard you might need energy, the energy the sun gives us every single day and is there ready to help us in our work.

Think of your garden as an edible foodscape, a space to harvest water an spot to harvest your energy. Modify the landscapes and transform them into foodscapes, waterscapes, solarscapes, windscapes.

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