About me

I was born in ’71. I didn’t grow up with screens or mobiles, but I had always been fascinated by technology. Since I was a child I was captivated by fantasy and science fiction.

When I had to choose what to study, the option of writing seemed an unreachable dream, so I decided to become a telecom engineer to be able to come up with new ways of using technology in our daily lives. For more than fifteen years I became a serial entrepreneur. I created more than ten companies, all with a strong technological grounds and, after that stage (which was intense), I felt the need of changing my lifestyle.

I moved to Ireland, a country I had never visited before. I looked for the most remote and isolated corner, by the sea, in one of the largest marine reserves in the country, and there I found myself again and remembered that I always wanted to write; to go through the whole process of creating at least one novel.

The first, a dystopia, took me a year to write and came to life in Celtic lands: ‘Blackout. El apagón‘. Since then I have taken writing courses, read, reread and have begun to write in a more methodical basis: every day, with structures, with character design and with the dream of publishing. For years, no publisher bet on my work and I self-published, until February 2022 when fate smiled at my work and helped me to win the young adult literature award of the FestiLIJ of Tres Cantos, with my novel ‘Maherit‘. And hence … I got published.

My plans have not changed since. I want to keep writing, making up stories and keep learning the best way to do it.