A young adult speculative fiction novel where I recreate a futuristic world with two societies governed by opposite rules: nature vs technology. An adventure full of passion, confrontation, intrigues and the search for freedom.

Maherit is the Arabic name for Madrid. It means groundwater. The world I imagine is inspired by my hometown and the Castilian steppe, where my roots are.

In a distant future, the human beings who managed to survive the liquid wars have organized themselves into two antagonic social structures: hyper-technical macro-cities and self-sufficient communities, which learned to endure in the inhospitable and barren habitats left behind by the war.

In 2021, during my second year of the children’s and young adult’s literature course in the Escuela de Escritores, our project during the course was to write a novel. Under the guidance of my teacher, Javier Fonseca, who helped me from beginning to end and guided me until I found the right voice to tell the story, and the comments and suggestions from my colleagues, who became my first readers (Tania Fonseca, Melanie Kalcker, Uriel Bravo, Silvia García-Añover y Mercedes), I wrote Maherit.

To the whole group, THANK YOU SO MUCH. Not only for the corrections, doubts and suggestions, but for the moral support and enthusiasm with which they received the weekly chapter.

Javier’s help, from beginning to end, is as it is. Once the novel was finished, he encouraged me to submit it to the young adult Festilij 3C award. I can’t be happier that I listened to him because it ended up as finalist and, shortly after, the jury awarded it in the youth category, with its publication in February 2022, by Editorial Tinturas.



368 pages / 2022

Young adult fantasy novel