Alex en Londres

Novel travel guide in which Alex, the main character, discovers London from the eyes of a 9-year-old girl.

In October 2015 I took a trip to London with my children. My son was 14 and my daughter was 9. I arranged our visits for them, including Legoland. When we were back on the plane I told them: What would you think if we wrote a book about our trip?

Alex, my daughter, would be our muse and inspiration for the main character, my son, who has always drawn, the illustrator and I would be the writer.

We got to it and in September 2016 we presented the book, self-published under the Ayrun label, with the idea that it would be the first one of a travel collection.

Our ‘godfather’ in the collection was the writer Santiago García-Clairac, whom I will always thank for his support and help in this world of letters.

© Cover design: Maximiliano Herren

© Illustrations: Diego HBG



128 pages / 2016

Children’s travel book