Alex en Madrid

Third book of Alex’s Travel Book Collection, in which the main character stays in Madrid and discovers a treasure with her cousin, Beltrán.

After publishing ‘Alex in London‘ and ‘Alex in Rome‘ we decided to continue the collection with our hometown: Madrid.

Digging into our history, we visited the Retiro Park, the printing press where ‘Don Quixote’ was first printed, the Jerónimos cathedral… And we created a treasure hunt, starring Alex and Beltrán.

Again, it took us a year to have it ready and when it was, as a finishing touch to the collection, we presented it by the hand of the writer Santiago García-Clairac, at the Cervantine Society with a private visit to the printing press where the first edition of the Spanish classic ‘Don Quixote de la Mancha’ was printed.

In 2019, my illustrator started college and the muse had grown older to continue printing the look of a 9-year-old girl. So Alex in Madrid closed the adventure of the collection and the Ayrun label. A family project in which we have enjoyed, learned and shared our trips with readers and children in different schools.

To all of you who have traveled with Alex: THANK YOU.

© Cover design: Maximiliano Herren

© Illustrations: Diego HBG



128 pages / 2019

Children’s travel book