Blackout. El Apagón

A dystopia about what would happen if the world woke up one day with downed power grids due to a global cyberattack.

It took me a year to write it. During that time I found out fictional characters can come to life inside one’s head, as real storytellers, helping to shape the novel. A book I wrote without a map or literary technique, but that brought together the knowledge I have gathered over many years and that was written from the heart.

In 2011 I published it on the Creative Commons. A lot of friends helped me in the correction, the layout, the cover and in spreading the word. In 2017 I removed it from the public domain and self-published it.

10 years later, around the date the novel begins, summer 2021, the media coined the term and riddled us with the threat of a total Blackout.



300 pages / 2017