Robert Gilman set out a definition of an ecovillage that was to become a standard:
«human-scale full-featured settlement in which human activities are harmlessly integrated into the natural world in a way that is supportive of healthy human development, and can be successfully continued into the indefinite future.»
You can find a couple of directories of different types of communities
Top 10 eco-communities around Europe shown in the documentary ‘A new we
  1. Sieben Linden (Germany-120 residents)
  2. Krishna Valley (Hungary – 150 residents)
  3. Schloss Tonndorf (Germany)
  4. Damanhur (Italy -1.000 residents)
  5. Schloss Glarisegg (Switzerland)
  6. Finca Tierra (La palma, Canary Islands – Spain)
  7. La Borie Noble (France – 100 residents)
  8. Tamera (Portugal – 160 residents)
  9. Valle de sensaciones (Alpujarras, Spain)
  10. Matavenero (Montes de León, Spain – 40 residents)

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