Inhabitants wanted – Mars 2023

The space race has always been expensive. We have been talking about the need of finding new planets for the last decades; new places to exploit, new natural resources to replace those we have depleted in Earth, new planets to keep growing, but who is going to pay for the investment needed?
At a moment when most of the governments are close to bankruptcy the media is willing to take a step forward and take the state role.
How would it be living in Mars? how will the first settlers look like? how will their relationship be? will there be love stories? will they face problems? how will they sort them out? Would people pay to sneak into those first settlers? Sure they would and The Interplanetary Media Group will be the company to bring us the first interstellar reallity show. They have bought the rights to broadcast the first settlement in Mars, promoted by the Mars One foundation.
So what are your plans for 2023? willing to join a reallity show? why not in Mars?

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