Sustainable Energy for all

This weekend someone asked me about how feasible would be to supply all the energy demand with renewable energy. My answer was not very optimistic. In Spain, nowadays, only 15% of the energy comes from renewable sources and as far as I know the main research efforts are driven by the need of finding a substitute to oil, an energy that can be easily stored, transported and used under demand by the existint transportation fleet.
That does not cover the need of generating green energy for all the planet population. Lack of access to energy goes hand in hand with poverty. Research should focus on cheap energy generation from an ilimited source, rather than trying fo find a substitute that can keep the growth path, started a century ago, with the use of oil.
1.2 billion people still lack access to electricity, and 2.8 billion don’t have access to modern household fuels. Renewable energy accounts for only 18 percent of the global energy mix.
Projects like the SE4ALL of the WorldBank try to make a change. Will they achieve to give energy to that 1.2 billion people that doesn’t have it now? 
Unfortunately, with the three goals they point out, in 17 years time, still a high percentage of the world population will lack access to energy.

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