Collaborative consumption

I think it’s such a good concept, that here I come again with more information about it. This time is from Michell Thorne at a conference in re:publica XI.
The world is ending, and we, the insatiable consumers, are at fault. Our homes and landfills are overrun with junk designed for a limited lifetime. But before we choke off the planet, there’s something we can do.
Unlike any other generation, we can better provide and share infrastructure thanks to network technology. We can buy, build, and collaborate locally and efficiently. We can shop smarter, share better, and use our networks, both online and off, to reduce waste, improve the economy and environment, spare our bank accounts, and even have a good time and make new friends doing it.
This is collaborative consumption, and I want to talk about its wonderful opportunities.

2 comentarios sobre “Collaborative consumption

  1. muy interesante, muy logico. Desgraciadamente creo q gran parte de sociedad en al que vivimos no esta preparada para esto. Se necesita un cambio de mentalidad, que abarca no solo al hiper-consumo, sino a las razones q nos llevan a él y como vivir con las alternativas.

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