Sharing communities

This is not the first time I talk about collaborative consumption and I am sure it will not be the last. This movement is growing as the same pace as the sharing phylosophy; the most we can use anything we own, the best for the planet and a highest return for our investment. Economies of scale do not only apply to the big companies but also to the communities, join with others to be stronger, share your knowledge, share your belongings, be part of a community and enjoy the stregth of working together with people with your same concerns.
An overview of the top sharing communities
+ OuiShare – Creative community for the collaborative economy
+ Share Tompkins – Helps folks to share and trade goods in Tompkins, NY
+ Squared NY – Several S2NY organizations
+ Consumo colaborativo – Digital media platform to spread information and best practices to the sharing community, based in Spain
+ Unstash –  Peer-to-peer platform for collaborative consumption
And a great article with the main collaborative consumption projects world wide, can be found here.

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