Some turtles… But where were the whales?

We were supposed to encounter plenty of sea life during this season of the year, but for one reason or the other we hardly got to watch some turtles, sword fish and sun fish.  The Mediterraneo is getting empty as well as all the oceans: overfishing, acidification, violation of sealife protection laws, pollution, human impact,Sigue leyendo «Some turtles… But where were the whales?»

Svalbard Global Seed Vault – Bóveda del fin del mundo

If you were one of the most wealthy countries in the world and you were managing one of the biggest sovereign funds of our planet, would you consider creating the biggest seedbank ever to provide insurance against the loss of seeds in a global crises or after a continuous genetic modification of our seeds? NorwaySigue leyendo «Svalbard Global Seed Vault – Bóveda del fin del mundo»

Sugar is addictive as cocaine

Sugar is as addictive as cocaine. Put that in your pipe and smoke it.   VANDANA SHIVA: «Una vez que la norma haya sido establecida esa semilla será su propiedad podrán pedir royalties. Dependeremos de ellos en cada semilla que cultivemos en cada cosecha que recolectemos. Si controlan las semillas, controlan la comida, lo sabes;Sigue leyendo «Sugar is addictive as cocaine»

Economic invisibility of nature

What is the price of biodiversity? What’s the value you give to a clean environment against a degradated one? How much is the Amazonas worthed? The clean fresh water? The breathable air? It all belongs to the commons. It is the gift Mother Nature has given us, but as human social structures become more andSigue leyendo «Economic invisibility of nature»